Happy Birthday, Ganias Media Lab!  Let’s Make the most of this milestone.

Birthdays, anniversaries… what I love about milestones is the opportunity to reflect.

Where have we been and where are we going?

To me, hindsight is a gift to be doted upon.  I spent some quality time looking back and saying, “How did I get here?”

Yes, Ganias Media Lab blossomed during a pandemic.  But it wasn’t my Covid baby; the process was in motion long before.

It was a wish, a dream, but mostly, a pestering finger on my shoulder when I tried to look the other way.

Ganias Media Lab didn’t happen because I decided it was time.

The moment chose me.

I was tired of thinking about it, talking about it, planning for “one day…” I was so frustrated with NOT doing it, that I did it!

I couldn’t NOT begin. I couldn’t NOT try. I couldn’t NOT take the risk. All the cliches are, indeed, true.

Failure isn’t the worst that can happen; not trying is far more terrible. So if you have an idea – one that won’t leave you alone – your moment will come, too.

The moment will come when you will shove every excuse out of your way.

Don’t overplan.

Ganias Media Lab has been an exercise in balancing my vision for the future with the organic evolution of a living, breathing creation.

I have learned to keep space in my prayers and in my practice for what I don’t already envision. Trust the process.

Another privilege of the past year was launching and co-hosting “Get Louder” podcast. In fact, one of the episodes is entitled “Just Wing It!”

“Wing it!” is a mantra I cling to in my professional and personal life now.

A Type A perfectionist like me didn’t accept this concept right away, but practice helps. The experience of starting a podcast itself was proof that something doesn’t have to be perfect to be worthy.

You, my friend, do not have to be perfect to be worthy. I believe in you.

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to the men and women who trust me to propel them along their professional journey. I have met and guided the smartest, most interesting, and most determined clients.

Each of you has made my dream a reality.

I am humbled you see a spark in me that can further fan your fire.

Thank you.