You’ve Been Public Speaking All Along, You Just Didn’t Know It

I believe every person is born with the strength to share his or her voice. Sometimes, we just need help to uncover it. That’s why I started Ganias Media Lab.

Your words can motivate and inspire. Who do you want to influence? Think about your colleagues, your customers, and investors. Your words can position you and propel you toward greater opportunity. Think nailing a job interview, impressing your boss, and stunning a crowd with a speech.

But if you think you need a microphone or audience to wow, think again.

Even a one-on-one conversation is an exercise in public speaking.

This thought embodies my core philosophy about human communication.

With every exchange you reveal who you are.

Your words reflect your ability. The way your gaze meets another person’s fosters trust. I’m fascinated when people tell me, “I’m just talking to a small group, I’m not public speaking.” Oh, yes you are. You are building a reputation with every conversation. After all, the one who speaks freely is able to shape, mold, and influence.

Picture a science experiment, in which the perfect combination of content and delivery interacts for an explosion of true, personal connection. When it finally “clicks” you becomes unstoppable.

You have unlocked a superpower. And that’s exactly what it is – power. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking yet, I understand. But don’t stay there. Work at it. Keep trying. Focus on the power that public speaking affords you.

Speaking is what allows you to reframe who you are and what you can offer. Picture becoming a more vocal team member. Imagine being your boss’s go-to person.

You get there not because you’re the one giving presentations, but because you’re able to formulate how to ask for more responsibility and why you want to become a more integral part of the team.

See, public speaking has little to do with speeches and a lot to do with being assertive.

It’s about forming a new persona one day, one zoom call, one year-end evaluation at a time. With practice, it becomes second nature to share your heart and your mind unapologetically. If you shy away from speaking, or flat out fear it, facing your fear will dissolve it’s hold on you. And then, you’re limitless.